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Trying to lose weight? Left unmotivated after following all those diets?

LIPOstix is the ultimate test to check if you are on the right diet or weight loss program. We use nanotechnology principles to detect whether or not your body is actually Burning Fat. With these results you can adjust your diet and exercise program to achieve the maximum possible results!

LIPOstix tests for 3 specific things:

Fat Burning

LIPOstix can be combined with any diet or exercise program. The Fat-burning process in your body stays the same no matter what type of Diet you are on, therefore it will detect whenever your body Burns Fat. So whether you’re Banting, going Low Carb or high Protein you can use LIPOstix to help you get the best results! You’ll also be able to see for how many days your body is not going to be burning Fat because of that Cheat meal you had.


Drinking water helps you avoid eating and drinking extra calories. You feel fuller, so you don’t eat as much. Drinking a glass of water before bed reduces midnight munchies in more than 90 percent of individuals. And you’re less likely to drink high-sugar beverages, which may account for nearly 20 percent of your energy intake! But that’s not all, research has shown drinking cold water can actually help speed up your metabolism, albeit ever so slightly. It is for these reasons that we have added the Hydration test to LIPOstix as most people do not realize how important it is to be well hydrated for your body to function properly.

Vitamin C

Recent studies have shown that people with adequate levels of Vitamin C can burn up to 30% more fat than individuals with low Vitamin C during moderate exercise. For this reason we have added the Vitamin C test to LIPOstix to help you find the optimum level so that your body can burn every last bit of fat it can!


Why LIPOstix?

Easy & Safe to use

It is really easy to use; you simply pee on the test strip and read the results within 30 seconds. LIPOstix is a urine based rapid diagnostics test, so requires no drastic or invasive testing.

Great Motivational Tool

Not only does LIPOstix show you how effective your diet is, it is also a Great motivational tool to help you stick to your diet! There’s NO cheating yourself when using LIPOstix as you will strive to get a positive result on your Fat Burn test every single day!

Time & Money Saver

People spend thousands of Rands on Diets, Supplements, Pills, Training classes/programs etc. to try and lose weight. Most of the time you are left clueless and unmotivated. With LIPOstix you can see exactly what works for your body and what doesn’t without spending a fortune.

Tests if Diet pills/Supplements work for you

Everything you put into your body has an effect. With LIPOstix you can determine whether weight loss pills and supplements really work for you. LIPOstix will indicate when your body is burning fat; whether it is due to weight loss pills, diet, exercise, or a combination of these.

A Month’s Supply

We include 30 strips per box of LIPOstix, which is a month’s supply. You take the test daily and record your results on the enclosed scorecard to keep track of your diet progress. At the end of each week or at month’s end the results can be analyzed and adjustments made to your diet program if necessary.

Nationwide delivery

When ordering online we courier the products to your doorstep! You’re also provided with a tracking number so that you can follow your order every step of the way.



Why stumble around in the dark when you can use LIPOstix to light the way to weight loss success! Start Burning Fat today!

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