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LIPOstix – The future of dieting


LIPOstix is the ultimate tool to effectively monitor your diet and weight loss program. Now using advances in nanotechnology principles we can detect whether or not your body is actually burning stored fat. With these results you can adjust your diet and exercise routines to achieve the maximum possible results! LIPOstix tests for 3 select parameters;

  • Fat burning
  • Vitamin C
  • Hydration

Studies have shown that being well hydrated and having sufficient Vitamin C helps the fat burning process significantly, therefore we have included these parameters into LIPOstix to help you burn fat effectively.

Not only does LIPOstix show you how effective your diet is, it is also a great motivational tool to help you stick to your diet! There’s no cheating yourself when using LIPOstix as you will strive to get a positive result on your fat burn test every day! If you have a dietician and/or personal trainer ask them to use your test results to adjust your programs accordingly.

LIPOstix is a urine based rapid diagnostics test, so requires no drastic or invasive testing. You simply pee on the test strip and read the results within 30 seconds. We include 30 strips per box, which is a month’s supply. You take the test daily and record your results on the enclosed scorecard to keep track of your diet progress. At the end of each week or at months end the results can be analyzed and adjustments made to your diet program if necessary.

Why stumble around in the dark when you can use LIPOstix to light the way to weight loss success!



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